Designing outstanding presentations

We can all improve the presentations we give. Let's learn from the masters.

Python 100 times faster than Grumpy

Python vs Grumpy on the Fibonacci Benchmark

Distributed task queues for machine learning in Python – Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis

Benchmark of distributed task queues for machine learning in Python

Kerasvis - Web based Gradient Descent Visualization in Python

Kerasvis - Visualizing Gradient Descent Like Optimizations in Python. For Keras and other packages.

Python's Attribute Descriptors

A take on Python's awesome attribute descriptors and how they can be used to implement bound methods.

Support vector machines do not always separate linearly separable data

A simple 1D example of a support vector machine (SVM) failing to separate linearly separable classes

Books to read to improve your (Python) programming skills

A review on books which help you to write better code. In Python and in other languages.

Factor analysis, principal component analysis and scikit learn

A comparison of factor analysis and principal component analysis. Why you should never trust a black box.

A Python Timer as Context Manager

Use a context manager to time your code.

Expectation Maximization in Python

Python implementation of the EM algorithm for a Gaussian mixture model

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