Designing outstanding data driven presentations

We can all improve the presentations we give. Let's learn from the masters.

Distributed task queues for machine learning in Python – Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis

Benchmark of distributed task queues for machine learning in Python

Keras Vis - Web based Gradient Descent Visualization for Deep Learning in Python

Kerasvis - Visualizing Gradient Descent Like Optimizations in Python. For Keras, Theano, Tensorflow and other packages.

Python's Attribute Descriptors

A take on Python's awesome attribute descriptors and how they can be used to implement bound methods.

Support vector machines do not always separate linearly separable data in classification tasks

A simple 1D example of a support vector machine (SVM) failing to separate linearly separable classes

Improving your (Python) programming skills for Data Science and beyond

A review on books which help you to write better code. In Python and in other languages.

Factor analysis, principal component analysis and scikit learn

A comparison of factor analysis and principal component analysis. Why you should never trust a black box.

A Python Timer as Context Manager

Use a context manager to time your code.

Expectation Maximization in Python - Unsupervised Learning

Python implementation of the EM algorithm for a Gaussian mixture model

Expectation Maximization Theory - Unsupervised Learning

Theory and convergence proof of the Expectation Maximization algorithm

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